A guide to the best things to see and do in Shoreditch, London

Shoreditch is an area located in the East End of London. It has been known for its creative and vibrant culture, with a number of broken artists, wannabe musicians, and aspiring fashionistas calling it home. Lately, it has become astonishingly popular with tourists, coming to experience the atmosphere and spend time in trendy bars and affordable restaurants.

If you’re looking for unusual things to do in Shoreditch, there’s always plenty to keep you busy. Start your adventure by browsing around the many independent shops that line Brick Lane. This street is famous for its curry houses, so be ready to stop for a delicious lunch at one of them. In the afternoon, explore Columbia Road Flower Market or head to Old Spitalfields Market for some shopping. If you’re interested in art, pay a quick visit to The White Cube Gallery or one of the numerous other galleries in the area.

As evening falls, Shoreditch comes alive with numerous bars and clubs open late into the night. Whether you want to listen to live music or dance until dawn, there’s somewhere that will suit your taste. Finish off your perfect day with dinner at one of the fashionable restaurants before heading back to your hotel.

A guide to the best restaurants and cafes in Shoreditch

Shoreditch is rapidly transforming into the most vibrant and exciting areas of London, with a great selection of restaurants and cafes to satisfy all tastes. Whether you’re desperate for a quick bite to eat or a fine dining experience, Shoreditch has something for you. Here are some of the best restaurants and cafes in Shoreditch:

The Breakfast Club – This popular café serves up exquisite breakfast dishes all day long, as well as a selection of our lunchtime favorites. The relaxed subdued atmosphere makes it the perfect place to start your day.

Café Oto – Café Oto is a haven for music lovers, with live entertainment taking place almost every night. As well as being home to an excellent coffee bar serving up freshly roasted beans from around the world.

Borough Market – One of London’s oldest food markets, Borough Market offers an incredible variety of produce, including fresh fruits and vegetables, artisan cheese and breads, freshly caught seafood and more. It’s also worth checking out the street food stalls which serve up dishes from all over the world. make sure you arrive early though as it gets very busy! Deliciously Nutty- This unique cafe specialises in peanut butter based dishes- from classic PB&J sandwiches to inventive salads topped with crunchy peanut crumbles. They also have a range of dairy free and vegan options available making it inclusive for everyone!

Flower Pot- Afternoon tea is always indulgent but at Flower pot its given a quirky twist! Dishes are served on vintage china plates & teapots whilst delicate floral arrangements adorn each table…its enough to make anyone Instagram happy! The tea menu includes finger sandwiches (cucumber & cream cheese & smoked salmon

The best bars and nightclubs in Shoreditch

There is certainly no lack of hip bars and nightclubs in Shoreditch, which is why this guide is created to list the best ones for you to check out and enjoy. Whether you’re hunting for a place to have a few drinks with travel friends or want to dance the night away, these bars and venues will definitely not disappoint.

The Old Blue Last: This bar is located on Great Eastern Street and is known for its great music, cheap drinks, and friendly atmosphere. It is one of the premiere spots in Shoreditch, so be prepared for it to be fairly crowded on Saturday and Sunday nights.

Bar Kick: If you’re in search of somewhere to play some table football while enjoying a pint (or two), then Bar Kick is the perfect spot for you. They also have an impressive selection of cocktails if that’s more your thing. And if you get hungry, they serve up some yummy pizzas too.

Cahoots: Step back in time at this vintage-themed bar where everything from the decor to the drinks menu is inspired by the 1940s. It’s definitely one of the more relaxed places to grab a drink in Shoreditch (and possibly all of London).

Bounce: This ping pong-themed bar/club is perfect if you’re craving for something a little different (and fun). They have multiple Ping Pong tables that you can reserve ahead of time or just walk in and hope for availability. They also have a full restaurant and bar if you need sustenance beyond Ping Pong balls (trust me, it happens).

Whatever your plans are while visiting Shoreditch, make sure to swing by one (or all) of these bars/clubs – you won