TAVLA Bar Takes Backgammon Fun to Shoreditch

Introducing TAVLA, the new bar located at the Hart Shoreditch Hotel in East London. This vibrant addition to the city's bar scene offers a unique experience where guests can enjoy a game of Backgammon while sipping on delicious barrel-aged cocktails and Turkish coffee, all while listening to vinyl DJs.

TAVLA, meaning "backgammon" in Turkish, puts socializing at its core. Each table is equipped with a backgammon board, inviting guests to join in on the fun. On Thursdays and Fridays, vinyl DJs set a lively ambiance for the evening. The bar's menu features updated classics and barrel-aged cocktails, inspired by the flavors of the Levant showcased in the hotel's own restaurant, BARBOUN.

At TAVLA, classic cocktails receive a playful twist. The Bloody Meryem, TAVLA's take on the Bloody Mary, combines Ketel One Vodka, Casamigos Mezcal, lemon, tomato juice, Turkish spices, and nigella & sumac salt. The Düshesh, inspired by a Sgroppino, delights with Villa Ascenti Gin, Belsazar Riesling, lime sherbet, cardamom bitters, lemon sorbet, lemon thyme, and bubbles.

For those seeking unique flavors, TAVLA offers barrel-aged cocktails that infuse notes of wood, vanilla, and tannins. The TAVLA Old Fashioned combines Bulleit Bourbon and Rye whiskeys, maple syrup, whiskey barrel-aged bitters, and orange oils. The Turbo Negroni surprises with Tanquery no. TEN Gin, barberry, coffee-washed Belsazar Red, and Campari. And the bar's version of a Manhattan, the Marz, embraces Belsazar Red & Rosé aromatized wines, Bulleit Rye, grapefruit bitters, and orange oils.

If alcohol-free options are preferred, TAVLA offers refreshing long drinks like the Limonata, a blend of apricot, cardamom, lemon, and double dutch soda, as well as the Pomegranate Basil Gazoz featuring pomegranate, lime, basil, and double dutch soda. Traditional Turkish coffee and tea are also available for those seeking a more traditional beverage experience.

The design of TAVLA was carefully crafted by London-based designers, Fabled Studio. The space embraces soft textures, cozy furnishings, and warm lighting. Woven stools with textured patterns mingle harmoniously with lounge chairs in muted tones, creating a modern and residential ambiance.

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